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Next Leadership Development Corporation is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of Next Big Thing in partnership with Escape Image and TCGT Entertainment.

Through a series of workshops and lectures, Next Big Thing 2019 will showcase and celebrate curvy people who have talent, intelligence, grace and beauty. There is no wrong way to have a body, and these workshops will set the stage for Next Big Thing 2019 - a spotlight and a platform for curves to thrive in Boston. Escape Image will utilize the ultra exquisite pageant: Next Big Thing 2019 as a pilot program for promoting positive self-image and self-esteem in 2019 for the curvaceous community.

The Next Big Thing 2019 Pageant will be a three-day event with pageantry competitions for women and men on Friday and Saturday, ending with an awards ceremony and celebration of our LGBTQI+ members of the curvaceous family on Sunday, November 24th.



For the Contestants & BBA's (Big Bodied Ambassadors)

Escape Image will hold casting calls and auditions to recruit contestants for the pageant as well as BBA's - Big Bodied Ambassadors (and allies), who will represent and advocate for Next Big Thing 2019 and everything curvy.

The following workshops will give contestants and BBA's the tools they need to be healthy, confident, and prepared for the runway at Next Big Thing 2019.

Foundations Workshop

  • Maintaining better skincare

  • Presentation and consultation with dermatologists

  • Presentation and consultation with estheticians

  • Shaping with foundation garments

  • Dressing room session with foundation garments and application

Physical Health Workshop

  • Yoga workshops

  • Pilates workshops

  • Strength training

  • Biometrics logging workshop

Mental Health Workshop

  • Group therapy sessions

  • Meditation workshops

  • Breathing and mindfulness exercises

  • Journaling workshop

Nutrition Workshop

  • Nutritionist consultations

  • Eating well workshops/portion control

  • Cooking class with three leading chefs in the Boston area

  • Natural Detoxes and Herbal Remedies

Runway Workshop

  • Full Hair & Makeup session and fashion consultation

  • Walking up and down runway with a trainer

  • Public speaking workshop for pitching at events on a time limit

  • Fierce posing workshop with photographers


Donations to support Next Big Thing can be made at the Next Big Thing Go Fund Me page.

SPONSORSHIP CONTACT: Nerissa Williams Scott, tcgtent@tcgtentertainment.com, 617-620-5900

SPONSORSHIP CONTACT: Nerissa Williams Scott, tcgtent@tcgtentertainment.com, 617-620-5900


NBT is an Official product of Escape Image in Partnership with Next Leadership Development and TCGT Entertainment.

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